Things Spoken – Psalms 141:3

Lord, set up a guard for my mouth;
keep watch at the door of my lips.

How many things do we simply destroy with the our mouths? How many things have we spoken in anger or disgust or frustration or feigned concern that have led to the character assassination of another? With our lips we praise Father God and with our lips we speak ill of our brother. It is a crazy, evil irony that we would curse others with the same mouth that we bless God. The desire to speak poorly of others arises from some dark place in our heart and soul. It is a deep mystery that we would draw some satisfaction from speaking ill of those we know and love. Thus, the Psalmist pleads with Lord God to guard his mouth and watch his lips. We bring so much hurt with our words and the writer knows this potential in himself as I️ know it so well in myself. He is not blind to this evil within and pleads for Father God’s help in controlling it. To be aware of this potential and to seek God’s help in controlling this evil is Biblical and good. He alone can control our tongue. He alone can change the salt water of our soul onto the sweet water of faith. All of our fresh springs are in Him.

Father God, put a guard on my mouth and watch over my words that I️ might be a man who blesses your servants and who casts no aspersion upon your children.

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