Self Proclaimed Experts -Job 36:4

“For truly my words are not false;
One who is perfect in knowledge is with you.”

Job 36:17
“But you were full of judgment on the wicked;
Judgment and justice take hold of you.”

The only problem with what ‘all-knowing’ Elihu is saying is that it simply is not true as it regards Job. Job is God’s man. He is living righteously just as God required. God took great pleasure in Job and still does. He is not wicked. He is enduring the attacks of the enemy in order to show his true and complete faithfulness to God.

There are many experts like Elihu. Loud. Seemingly humble. On this earth only a few years. Full of wisdom in their own eyes. Yet absolutely wrong. If only he would shut his mouth for even a fool appears wise when he is silent. He had the appearance of wisdom by holding his tongue through the other diatribes. Now, he has opened his mouth and revealed his ignorance and condemning spirit also.

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