Wen’s Thoughts…

Welcome to a blog of my thoughts on God’s written revelation, the Holy Scriptures, and also accounts of my experiences with God and insights into His work in my life.  The majority of these writings are from my paper and electronic Bibles. I decided to post them to my blog so that I could have them in a place where my children and grandchildren could some day access them if they so desired. I continue to add these writings as I come across them or develop them during my daily Bible reading time.

I’m not an academic (that will be obvious quickly). I’m not a seminary or higher level Bible school educated preacher or teacher. I’m not even a church official of any sort. By trade, I am a computer support professional which is in itself a bit funny in light of how little I know about ‘blogging’. Predominately, I’m just a guy who loves Lord Jesus. I truly believe that He was, is and ever will be God. He is daily saving me from who I am by nature. It is nothing short of miraculous. I claim no special authority or ability. My deepest desire is to lift up Jesus Christ by the power of His Holy Spirit for the glory of Father God.

May these writings bless you and further the Kingdom of God.  Christ is King!

Wendell Burnam

One thought on “Wen’s Thoughts…

  1. I like this – It is so nice to come here and read your words and imagine in my mind seeing what you were doing. I can see you, Laura, Wendy and Charlie smiling, hugging and spreading joy! Love you all.


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