Among the People with God – 1 Samuel 18:13-16

Therefore, Saul reassigned David and made him commander over 1,000 men. David led the troops and continued to be successful in all his activities because the Lord was with him. When Saul observed that David was very successful, he dreaded him. But all Israel and Judah loved David because he was leading their troops. To … Continue reading Among the People with God – 1 Samuel 18:13-16

Self-serving Pride – 1 Samuel 15:35

Even to the day of his death, Samuel never again visited Saul. Samuel mourned for Saul, and the Lord regretted He had made Saul king over Israel. The end of many good, God-ordained leaders has come through self-serving pride. Power and pride are a dangerous combo. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Pride convinces … Continue reading Self-serving Pride – 1 Samuel 15:35