Why Ventanas?

By the grace of God and the generosity of some dear friends, I was afforded the opportunity to visit a dear brother in Christ, Rick Nanez, who was serving as a missionary in Ecuador.  My brother in Christ, James, and I made the trek together. During this trip, we met many godly Ecuadorians who inspired us with their faith.  One of these was a beautiful young lady named, Luzmila. (https://wenwords.com/2008/07/03/luzmila-honey-light)

Upon being introduced to her, she and her Spanish speaking mother began to giggle a bit at the mention of my name.  This perplexed me.  I mean, I’m a funny guy but I never envisioned that my name, Wendell, would be funny in Spanish.  I assumed it meant Jello or drinking fountain or something even worse.  James’ name in Spanish is beautiful and majestic:  Santiago.  You know, just like the apostle. My name, on the other hand, doesn’t translate.  What a surprise since much of my being doesn’t translate either.

As it turns out, these two dear ladies knew just a little bit of English and confused my name with the English word for Window. A man named Window was enough to elicit some respectful laughter on their part. Luzmila pointed at the window in the room and repeated the word in Spanish. You guessed it.

“Ventana?” Giggles.

The Spanish translation of the name Wendell had just been adjusted to mean Ventana. As I thought about it, I decided that maybe it wasn’t so bad.  If I can be a window to Lord Jesus and the grace and glory of God in my life then I will be satisfied and thankful.

In one very real way, we are all Ventanas. It is through us, by the power of the Holy Spirit, that those around us see Christ. May these writings help all of us to be clean, clear windows through which Lord Jesus is accurately seen in all of His glory.