Full Body Hug

I noticed quickly that the Indian people in general were definitely not huggers. Even their handshakes left much to be desired. A simple bringing together of the hands in a prayer pose just under the chin and a slight bow is the most common greeting. Physical contact is not necessary. They almost seem to avoid … Continue reading Full Body Hug

Saturday Morning – Preachers Galore!

With Saturday came the monthly remote preachers meeting where over 300 preachers with whom Paul works and helps support travel to the Preacher's school in Chennai for a monthly encouragement gathering.  Wow!  340 showed up and the ministry provided a hot lunch and one way transportation funds.  I have never seen more excited, encouraging men … Continue reading Saturday Morning – Preachers Galore!

It Just So Happened

Who can really, truly, fully understand God's sovereignty and direction? The Scriptures are absolutely clear that God is in control of all things and that He watches over His people and guides their steps. He even watches over the nations reviewing the hearts of men. He causes nations to rise and fall. The insight He possesses is beyond anything we can imagine; yet, I have often wondered what He was up to in my life and in the lives of others

The Saints at Sorian – Trip of a Lifetime Part 5

Thus, the overwhelmation began to set in and we spent the trip home pummeling Andy with questions and sharing the joy and excitement of the day. The bumpiness of the trip, the hardness of the bench, the dust that covered every inch of our sweaty bodies and the blistering heat didn't hold a candle to the joy and excitement we felt and experienced with these believers in Christ from the other side of the world - literally. The things that we would have wasted hours complaining about were nothing in comparison to the joy we experienced worshiping with the saints in Sorian. The adventure was in motion now and we were soaking in every drop of it.