Four Radishes

This was written in the Spring of 2008…

Yesterday evening Charlie and I pulled 4 beautiful red radishes from our garden.  They were crisp, crunchy and oh so “radishy” in flavor.  I love them!  (No on else in the family does, however, so I get to enjoy them all by myself.  Yum yum!).  As I thought this morning and talked this morning with my brother Joe about radishes in our garden, I was taken by the miraculous nature of it all.  A little dead seed not much bigger than the head of a pin becomes a crisp, red radish in only a few short weeks.  Water, dirt, sunshine and a little dead seed – it is truly remarkable, even miraculous.  This little red radish with large green leaves speaks profoundly of the nature of our Creator.  The design is amazing and the process startling.  Glory.

I wrote a song based on Psalm 19 last week.

The heavens declare

The skies proclaim

Day after day they pour forth knowledge.

Night after night

Your knowledge made known

In silence they speak –

No words at all.

Yet their voice resounds with the sound of


Let all nature

All creation

Announce your glory

Declare Your knowledge

In the morning

At the midnight

Shout – It’s


Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit

Glory screaming from the sky

Endless preaching by creation

Stars proclaiming Lord Most High

Even our little garden that my wife, Laura, so faithfully planned and planted announces the glory of God.  Who would have thought that four little red radishes could say so much?

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