God Uses the Willing – 1 Chronicles 28:21

Here are the divisions of the priests and the Levites for all the service of God’s house. Every willing man of any skill will be at your disposal for the work, and the leaders and all the people are at your every command.”

Father God never forces Himself on anyone. He has given us the dignity of free will, of choosing to serve Him. He offers opportunity upon opportunity and seeks willing participants. Our choice is clear. His blessings are many. ‘Every willing’ person…..

Our gifts and skills are from Him. Our best employ of these God-given skills is in His service. It only makes sense. If He gives them then our deepest fulfillment will be in using them for Him. My deepest times of fulfillment and blessings are when I use what He has given me for His glory. Writing, singing, playing music, working with computers – whatever it is with which He has gifted you will find its greatest usefulness and create the greatest sense of accomplishment when used directly in His service. Father God seeks willing vessels. Offer yourself to Him. The reward is unmatched by any other thing.

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