He Argues My Case – Micah 7:8-9

Do not rejoice over me, my enemy!

Though I have fallen, I will stand up;

though I sit in darkness,

the Lord will be my light.

Because I have sinned against Him,

I must endure the Lord’s rage

until He argues my case

and establishes justice for me.

He will bring me into the light;

I will see His salvation.

This passage is such a glimpse in the Old Testament Scriptures into the very heart of God. Here we get a simple snapshot of man’s failure, God’s plan and Christ’s work. This prophet knows that sin brings the wrath of God against Him. All honest people know this. Sinners must endure the Lord’s rage. It is the law of sin illustrating God’s pursuit of justice. Father God necessarily hates sin. However, this penitent sinner also knows and places his hope in that day when God Himself will argue his case and establish justice by His own righteousness and blood. Through Jesus, the perfect justice of God is met and His righteousness is fulfilled on behalf of the sinner! He has argued our case for us. Just as Micah, the prophet, looks forward to the day in which he enters into the light of God’s salvation, we look back on that day when the perfect love of God met His perfect justice on the cross. Father God has argued our case. He has fulfilled the law. He has redeemed us from the sin within us that leads to death. We now walk in the light as He is in the light. The cross of Christ covers all who look to Him in faith. His death, burial and resurrection is the center of all history, a day that divides all time. We have seen His salvation and great is our joy!

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