The Creative Will Of God – Revelation 4:11

Our Lord and God,

You are worthy to receive

glory and honor and power,

because You have created all things,

and because of Your will

they exist and were created.

God deserves glory, praise and honor simply because, at His discretion, He spoke all things into existence. By His Word in accordance with His will all things came to be. Who He is deserves glory, honor and power. What He has done deserves glory, honor and power. Yes, even His decision to create, His will, puts Him in the position of honor, glory and power. We honor Him for the Love He expressed in creation. We glorify Him for the wonder of all that He has brought to be – it is truly glorious. His power is displayed in His supernatural ability to create. Truly, regardless of how we phrase things, God alone can create; i.e., bring something from nothing. We can’t even properly define or describe ‘nothing’ without referencing something; yet, God spoke all creation into being from the void of nothingness. To create requires a power that no one on earth possesses. It requires God’s supernatural power. Creation is the original miracle.

Thus, we submit our lives to the One of power, glory and honor.

His love is unlike any other.

His wrath against evil is just.

His mercy is new every morning.

His faithfulness is great.

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