Provoking God – 2 Chronicles 33:6

He did a great deal of evil in the Lord’s sight, provoking Him.

To provoke the Sovereign God of the Universe just doesn’t seem like a good idea. The original sin of the Garden is evidenced here in Manasseh for as he desires to be his own god He thus denies the True God. He seeks to be in control of all things making himself a god unto himself. This always leads to imprisonment and ultimately to death unless there is a sincere, penitent change of heart. We are not God and do not have the perspective, power or presence to be such. Therefore, to play god only causes severe problems for ourself and for everyone we influence and touch. There is only one Omniscient, Omnipresent, Omnipotent God. That, in essence, is what makes Him God. We are wise to please Him not provoke Him.

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