Easy and Light – Matthew 11:30

For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.

There is a supernatural peace that washes over me whenever I read this. Each time I read this truth, the sense of God’s peace follows.

Even having everything I need and want in a culture of excess I still often find myself ‘heavy laden’, typically, emotionally heavy laden. I truly do feel a sense of burden most every day. My sin is ever before me. The sins of those I love continue to plague me. The difficulty of succeeding in my closest relationships is like a heavy chain on my heart. The sense of the need for physical and monetary security grips me. The job with which Father God has clearly blessed me and for which He has equipped me brings daily stress and worry. Nothing is for sure. Nothing is straightforward. Everyone, it seems, is playing some sort of game that tries to keep truth at arms length or behind a personal blind. This is life. This is aging. The monotony of the same old thing combined with my ever present pride is a dangerous combo creating confusion and blah. Stuff doesn’t satisfy. It only seems to complicate things.

The yoke of Jesus is more beautiful than ever. The rest offered by Christ is unmatched and more attractive than ever.

I am coming Lord. Coming now to Thee.

Give me Your easy yoke. Share with me Your light burden. Grant me Your rest.

You truly are the Way, the Truth and the Life. Be all of these for me Lord Jesus.

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