Angry Ignorance – Acts 22:22

They listened to him up to this word. Then they raised their voices, shouting, “Wipe this person off the earth — it’s a disgrace for him to live!”

Ah, the ‘reasoned’ response of an angry, ignorant, condemning crowd – NOT!

“He cannot be right in any respect because he accepts and reaches those who we know are wrong! He works among the dogs so ignore anything he has said or will say it can’t be true!”

Arrogant, ignorant racial or religious bias is both stupid and deadly. We must judge others by the words they speak and the lives that they live not by their seeming perspective toward those whom we have already condemned as unworthy – as if that is ever a Godly option for us anyway!

Thanks be to God that Paul ignored these ignorant, hateful people throughout his ministry. He ignored them out of faithfulness to Father God and compassion for those he reached with the gospel – even us.

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