Surely not I? – Matthew 26:25

Then Judas, His betrayer, replied, “Surely not I, Rabbi?”
“You have said it,” He told him.

Spoken like a true deceiver. Judas has ALREADY committed Himself to the Jewish leaders to betray Jesus. The evil plan is in motion, yet, Judas, speaking as the sorry liar and thief that he was, feigns ignorance. Did he think Jesus didn’t really know? Was he being a smart mouth? Was he buying time with the other disciples or simply protecting himself from what would have been their obvious wrath (sword wielding Peter was present)? We don’t know the specifics of what was in Judas’ heart or mind but we do know that he was already set to betray the Son of God into the hands of His enemies. The consequences would be death for Judas, physical death followed by new life for Jesus and eternal life for all who would call on Jesus’ name for salvation. What Judas and men meant for evil, Father God, in His usual way, turned to good.

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