Secret Words in the Night – Job 4:12

A word was brought to me in secret;
my ears caught a whisper of it.

None of this passage proves that the word was actually a word from God. In fact, we know Job and this does not describe him. He is not a sinner. God is pleased with him. Just because one receives some secret ‘word’ from a spirit does not mean it is from God – or even true. Spirits must be tested with both the written and living Word of God.

God will not contradict Himself – ever. Job is a man that He loved and trusted. Job’s suffering is because of the enemy’s jealous, evil heart and purpose. It is no friend who brings the secret word of a ‘spirit’ to one who is suffering for truth and integrity when this ‘secret word’ only increases the suffering. This is what satan does. It is not what men of God do.

We must be very careful when sharing our ‘secret revelations’ about others. Our sinful hearts are quick to see a special correction or direction that God has for other people and slow to receive His conviction in our own lives. Only the truly humble heart can be trusted with God’s word for others and this requires great discernment, deep love and godly fear.

Rpst, 2.8.2020

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