Understanding – Mark 8:21

And He said to them, “Don’t you understand yet?”

Can’t we just hear the frustration of Jesus in this question? Can’t we see His consternation with those closest to Him through this simple questioning phrase?

“Don’t you understand yet?”

They’ve been through this exact same scenario before. What will it take?

His frustration is obvious and through it so is His love. Frustration doesn’t necessarily indicate a lack of love and care. No, in this case, it is indicative of Lord Jesus’ deep love and care for those who are closest to Him. The days are drawing short. Their understanding is necessary for the furtherance of the Kingdom of God. Jesus cares enough to call out their lack of trust once again.

I can almost hear Him speaking to me now. “Don’t you understand yet, Wendell?”

His love is deep. His grace is strong. His patience is long. He never changes and, yet, some things about our human condition never ‘seem’ to change either.

“Do you not yet understand?”

Have mercy on me Lord Jesus.

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