The Spirit Of Freedom – 2 Corinthians 3:17

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

This freedom is all inclusive but often illusive. When the Spirit indwells and Father God sets you free, you are free. It cannot be argued. However, life gets in the way. Our flesh fails and our hearts are fearful. Fear lurks and the stressors of life take our mind away from this truth. In effect, this freedom indwells us for we are filled with God’s Holy Spirit whose presence guarantees freedom. So, why is it so illusive in my life? Why do the things of this earth; i. e. jobs, relationships, misunderstandings, expectations from others, expectations from ourselves, things I can control, things I cannot control, etc., wreak such havoc in my life considering this fact of my freedom? It is for freedom I have been set free and that freedom when expressed speaks clearly of the power and glory of God! Then why do I let the stressful things own me? What am I ‘doing’ wrong? Why do worries seem to increase in my life instead of decreasing? All I can conclude is that my flesh is weak and my faith falters. What else can it be?

At least in these low, troubling, almost tortuous moments, the grace of God is made perfectly clear to me. Who do I really think I am? Who am I kidding? Regardless how successful I think I am normally; regardless how often I take either open or hidden pride in my accomplishments; regardless how ‘favored’ I think I am; I am a useless dead rag without the grace and mercy of God. And as a result of HIS action and the presence of HIS Spirit still I am free. Thank God it’s a fact and not a feeling. At the end of the day Jesus advises us to realize that we are worthless slaves who are doing what we are told. Our standing with God is something He bestows because He loves us so deeply. I cannot fathom it.

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