Rebels and Sinners All – Isaiah 1:28

But both rebels and sinners will be destroyed,
and those who abandon the Lord will perish.

The only hope for humans is the eternal presence of God. Outside of His presence is Hell, the place where everything counter to good exists. When we abandon God and rebel against Him we ultimately find ourselves outside of His protection and in the midst of the true consequences and domain of Evil. This is the definition of a bad place. Within the Lord is Life. Outside of the Lord is death. He knows this and thus seeks Life for us in His presence.

Rebellion and abandoning God are worse than useless. God in His wisdom and justice explains this in order to save us from this fate. He allows us to choose and even disciplines and punishes those whom He loves in an effort to redirect them into His presence and demonstrate the reality of life outside of His presence. His painful actions are purposeful. He seeks to draw us into His protective presence in order to spare us from the Hell of His absence. Don’t we do the same for our own children?

God in His perfect justice cannot allow evil to prevail. He must act. Evil destroys all it infects. By the grace of God a day will come when God will destroy evil itself. This is good news for all who have been victims of the enemy and his ills. Thus, it is good news for all. Thanks be to God.

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