Legislated Immorality – Psalms 94:20-21

Can a corrupt throne —
one that creates trouble by law —
become Your ally?
They band together against the life of the righteous
and condemn the innocent to death.

The practice of ‘creating trouble by law’; i.e legislating immorality, has existed since the days of old and continues to this very day even among the ‘educated’ and ‘enlightened’ who lead us. There is no new evil under the sun. Man will always seek his own destruction while claiming it is his freedom as long as he rejects God. People have no way of discerning good from evil without the transcendent God. God alone is good and the moral law which flows from His nature defines good and evil.

Morality is the foundation of all legislation. A nation legislates either morality or immorality – good or evil. This legislation of evil is no more clearly evident than in the current practice of murdering children before they even exit the womb – abortion. No individual or nation that sanctions by law such reprehensible practices can be an ally of God. Enmity with God has dire consequences.

Have mercy upon us, Father God.

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