Evil Nonsense – Judges 18:6

Then they said to him, “Please inquire of God so we will know if we will have a successful journey.” The priest told them, “Go in peace. The Lord is watching over the journey you are going on.”

After reading the entire story one has to wonder what God actually told the priest, if anything. This is one of those episodes where it is difficult to tell if God was truly behind it or if this so-called ‘wandering priest’ was simply misleading the Danites for his own gain. (That never happens today. ). When reviewing the entire story, considering the context of the times and seeing what the Danites eventually did, I believe it is quite reasonable to assume that the priest did not hear this from God. He responded very quickly and made no reference to even asking God or hearing from God. Plus, he had never even attempted to correct Micah for creating the silver idols. The Levite’s silence announced his approval of this God forbidden practice. His actions are suspect in my opinion.

With the Levites blessing, these Danites attack a quiet, peaceful unsuspecting people, stealing Micah’s ‘gods’ along the way. (Good luck charms, you know). The priest gladly abandons Micah, stands by as the Danites rob Micah and then joins these rogue criminals even though Micah had been compensating and caring for him. Finally, the Danites threaten Micah’s men with violence if they try to recover what is truly theirs. Huh? I’m curious if that whole ‘Thou shalt not steal thing’ entered the Danites’ mind – or the Levite’s for that matter. Truly this was a time when men did what was right in their own eyes while being blessed and led by so-called ‘priests’, proving yet again that men left to their own devices make evil choices in order to further their own so-called good.

In effect, selfishness and violence reign in times when men simply do what is ‘right’ in their own eyes. The rule of the land becomes ‘the end justifies the means’. Right becomes wrong and evil abounds. All who benefit applaud.

Sounds quite similar to the times in which we live.

Romans 1:32

Although they know full well God’s just sentence — that those who practice such things deserve to die — they not only do them, but even applaud others who practice them.

It all seems so non-sensical. This shouldn’t surprise us at all.

Evil never makes sense – in any context. It contradicts itself and misleads all who pursue it.

It affects ‘religious leaders’ and common folks alike. It is no respecter of persons and brings its evil effects upon all who encounter it. No wonder Father God consistently directs us to avoid even the hint of it in our lives.

As I mentioned briefly above, we also live in a day when evil abounds and it seems everyone applauds it. Remember, the days are short. Stay focused on the only One who can redeem us from the evil of our own hearts and protect us eternally from the evil of our generation. He is Jesus Christ.

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