Self-defined Morality – Judges 21:25

In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what was right in his own eyes.

Here we see the formula for disaster in any society: Remove authority and make each individual their own measure of morality. The results are always disastrous since people are inherently evil. I know, I know – that is so politically incorrect. If you just leave people alone they’ll naturally do what is right. Well, Lord Jesus didn’t seem to think so when He said, ‘It is not what goes into a man’s stomach that defiles him but rather what comes out of his heart. For out of the heart comes all kinds of evil.’ Take it up with Him.

When people are left to their own personal morality with no accountability to a greater authority, gratuitous evil always results, the innocent are victimized and chaos reigns. Regardless how we justify it, without an absolute moral authority and a foundation of truth, people choose evil and evil always brings disaster.

As those who have been redeemed by the Truth, we can never back down from the reality of mankind’s sinful heart. Nor can we ever fail to stand up for the necessity of godly authority in a society. History is replete with examples of people who were either left to their own moral independence or left without a godly ruler who subsequently wreaked havoc on themselves and others. People need a guiding light. It is a result of the fall of man and his inherent sinfulness. It is natural which, of course, typically means it is wrong.

For believers in Christ’s church who live in such a culture, it is more imperative than ever that we take seriously the truth about who Jesus Christ has made us to be. We are a city on a hill. We are salt. We are light. In effect, by the power of Jesus within His body, we are called to walk faithfully under the authority of the King in a time when authority appears lost.

To shine forth God’s truth in a place where falsehood rules.

To display order in a culture of chaos.

To be the preserving element in a society prone to rot.

To be light in a land where darkness reigns.

When there is no king of the land, we must continue to seriously and consistently submit ourselves to the King of Kings, the Creator and Sustainer of all. Through His power within us He brings order, peace and hope.

Be visible. Be salt. Be light. Worship King Jesus. He is our only Hope.

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