Delight – Psalms 18:19

He brought me forth also into a broad place;
He rescued me, because He delighted in me.

One Word

Sometimes one word can turn a phrase in a significant and impactful way. Love covers a multitude of sins. Grace initiates an amazing transformation. Hope realigns our vision. Delight confounds us.

‘He rescued me, because He delighted in me.’

Huh? No one delights in me. I rarely even delight in myself. It is confounding.

My only connection with such a concept, as it applies to us as viewed by God, is through my eyes as a dad toward my infant and toddling children and grandchildren. I think maybe there I have experienced and expressed delight. Maybe. This is no ordinary word. We rarely use it these days. I think maybe because it is so rich. It almost makes us feel embarrassed, like we’ve exposed too much of ourselves in expressing how we feel. Do we delight in a new car? A new house? A new boat or scooter? I don’t think so. Delight seems to be more associated with living things, relationships. Maybe we might come close to delighting in a puppy or a kitten, a colt or a calf. It carries a lot of weight and speaks a strong thought. Delight.

We delight in good stuff. Successful partnerships. Faithful marriages. Romance. Kind words from close friends. A hug from a grandchild or a simple phrase of love from a child. A pat on the back. A soft kiss from our spouse. A hand to hold. A knowing look. Good things between us and those we love come pretty darn close to being delightful at times. Maybe these give us some insight into God’s heart that delights.

Unexplainable Truth

But honestly, I just don’t think I can get my head around this truth. My Perfectly Just and Holy Father delights in me. How? I am black with sin. My motives are almost always wrong. My mind fights constant negativity and critical thoughts. My flesh is a mess. I am simply ugly in so many ways. In a phrase, I am anything but delightful. How? Why?

Some truths cannot be sufficiently explained. My only explanation is that He delights in us simply because He made us and longs to save us from ourselves and the brokenness of this world. He alone can lead us into a broad place of freedom. He alone can rescue us from the box in which sin has placed us. My friends, He rescues us because He delights in us. Walk in the amazing knowledge of this truth.

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