Intentional Obstinate Sin – Ezekiel 4:17

So they will lack bread and water; everyone will be devastated and waste away because of their iniquity.

It is a terrifying possibility – to be held accountable by the God who has saved us for irreverent, ongoing, high handed, rebellious disobedience. These have purposefully, intentionally and pridefully turned their back on Father God. He will only bear so much for so long and then He removes His hand and allows sin’s awful consequences to bear down on those who had once claimed to be in covenant with Him. These are the Chosen. These are those who pledged their complete obedience to Him. Now they are thumbing their nose at Him and walking in iniquity. Father God will allow such for only so long and then, because of His perfect justice, He is compelled to allow sin’s consequences to flow. For the sake of justice, He must act.

It truly is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of an angry God not because He is some big meanie, party pooper. It is terrible because His anger is not capricious. It is always just. It is always perfect. Take note: Those who become a victim of Father God’s righteous judgement have only themselves to blame.

I must comment that I often find myself writing about this justice and wrath of Father God. It makes me wonder if I have some sort of wrathful vengeance complex. Trust me when I say that it is not intentional. It simply flows out of whatever text I find myself in each day as I work through McCheyne’s yearly Bible reading schedule. I want no part of God’s wrath or justice nor do I vengefully want it for others. I promise. Yet, it comes up time and again in Scripture.

God warns His people over and over and over about rebellious sin. It is almost as if He wants there to be no doubt about His feelings toward those who would take advantage of His amazing grace and saving power. He makes it quite clear that sin, in all of its forms, but especially when accompanied by obstinate rebellion, is deadly for those who practice it.

And yes, I know that all sin is rebellion; however, when you look at Scripture consistently, you begin to see a form of sin that simply ‘sends God through the roof’ and it is obstinate, high handed, nose thumbing sin. He cannot – He will not – suffer such foolishness indefinitely. There will be a reckoning and all of creation knows it is just. We hate it in others but justify it in ourselves. God simply hates it for it brings destruction to His children.

Keep our hearts tender and humble, Lord Jesus. We are Your servants. Make us more submissive to Your will and Your way, Father God, and less rebellious in every respect. Lord, have mercy.

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