Divided Allegiance – 1 Kings 3:3

Solomon loved the Lord by walking in the statutes of his father David, but he also sacrificed and burned incense on the high places.

This verse always troubles me about Solomon; however, it just hit me today – is this what I do? I love the Lord and seek His pleasure and protection by following His precepts and guidance but do I also sacrifice to the other gods of our day? To claim that my allegiance to God is 100% would be dishonest. No one, other than Lord Jesus, gives themselves 100% to God. But, with that in mind, what is the acceptable percentage? Solomon’s primary allegiance to Father God diminished as time went by. Is mine decreasing or increasing? Am I more and more enamored with the gods of my age or is my allegiance and devotion to my King and my Father growing? It takes honesty with myself to even have an idea of where I am in this regard. He must be increasing. I and my allegiance to the gods of our time must be decreasing.

Holy Spirit – keep me moving ever toward Father God and less and less devoted in any fashion to the idols of my day. Make my heart more and more devoted to my Lord and less and less misled by this world and its lies. Have mercy on me. I am constantly in need of your grace.

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