False Counsel – Job 5:8

However, if I were you, I would appeal to God
and would present my case to him.

This is exactly what Job has always done and even in these dire circumstances continues to do. He knows God is his only hope. He has always kept God first and will not turn his face from God now.

Eliphaz is the ‘so-called’ friend that no one truly ever wanted or needed. His assumptions are wrong and he is happy to share them. One who always has the right answers for others’ problems is no friend. He is simply an irritant to the wound that has been opened and only increases the pain. Afflictions and trials in an individual’s life do not prove that he or she has been disobedient or faithless. Sometimes it proves just the opposite. True friends never operate from their assumptions regarding others’ trials. They listen, encourage and pray and seek to ‘sustain the weary with a word….’ (Isaiah 50.4)

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