Obedience – Psalms 105:45

All this happened
so that they might keep his statutes
and obey his instructions.

As obvious as it seems, all of God’s work is done that those who acknowledge Him might also obey Him. Obedience is key in the Christian faith for it is the essence of submissive love. We have seen and heard what Father God has done on our behalf. We have experienced His free gift of salvation and now walk in the outflow of His effort. Walking with Christ truly means to daily obey Him. Lip service is a weak form of flattery and God hates flattering lips anyway. Obedience is the highest form of praise for through it we acknowledge with our lips and our legs that Jesus truly is Lord and that Father God truly does know best. When our children tell us they love us, we are moved. When our children walk in obedience to the truths we have imparted, we are humbled and blessed. Their obedience exemplifies their love as does ours.

God doesn’t call us to obey simply because he said so. He calls us to obey because in His deep love for us He knows from eternity what is best for us in every way.

Obedience is our protection.

Obedience is our strength.

Obedience is our blessing.

His works usher in our obedience and we are the beneficiaries of both.

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