Calling Everyone – Acts 2:21

And it shall come to pass that everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

Is this truly possible? Everyone? Don’t we need to quantify and qualify and make some exceptions? Isn’t this too simple? Too easy? Shouldn’t we expound and suppose and require? How can Peter quote such a Scripture to a bunch of folks who just agreed to the murder of the Lord of all lords? This seems almost crazy, right? It’s just too good to be true!

‘It shall…..’ There really isn’t much wiggle room here. Peter really makes it sounds like it will happen.

‘Everyone….’ I still feel like we need to qualify this somehow. This statement is just ‘scary inclusive’.

‘Calls…’ That’s it? Just call out to Jesus? Shouldn’t we add some steps? Some deeds? Some special sacrosanct words? At least let’s require some special thoughts, I mean, come on!

‘The Name of the Lord….’ Can there truly be such power in a Name? Just a simple, single Name? Is Peter really claiming that the simple Name of Jesus applied to a submitting disciple can save them? It seems a bit over the top to me.

‘Shall be saved…’ So final. So complete. So straightforward. So powerful. Can this really be true?

The depths of truth found in the most simple, direct statements of fact in Scripture are beyond profound. They are mind boggling and uncomfortable to earthbound, qualifying creatures such as ourselves. Our trust level is low. Our faith is often smaller than a mustard seed. Isn’t He able to keep that which we’ve committed unto Him against that day? Isn’t He the Pioneer and Perfecter of our faith? Isn’t His arm long enough? He is God, you know? His words are always profound and significant because they are spoken with the ultimate authority – His. They will never cease to amaze those who ‘have ears to hear’. He is Truth and Truth is often uncomfortably good.

It isn’t the last time Peter will speak of the power of Jesus Name. ‘There is no other name under Heaven by which men can be saved.’ Not only is it inclusive, it is also exclusive. Truth excludes by its very nature. ‘No one comes to the Father but by me’. Jesus is not a way. He is the way. One doesn’t have to like it or even accept it; yet, it is a valid truth claim. For those who do accept it, those who accept Him, what an amazing comfort to know that ‘all who come to Him will never be cast out’. All and never. Two very small words with big ramifications. He is exclusively inclusive – if that is even a thing. His is the Name that is above every name.

Never doubt the saving power of Jesus Christ. He truly is the only hope for this world of divided hate.

Come Lord Jesus.
Come into our hearts.
Come into our lives.
Reign in this place.
We long for your return.

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