Be a Good Loser – Matthew 10:39

Anyone finding his life will lose it, and anyone losing his life because of Me will find it.

There are those lives among us or who have gone before us that clearly demonstrate what this looks like. Yet, in my own life, I really wonder what this looks like. From my perspective it seems I am constantly in the process of finding my own life. All things revolve around my comfort or pleasure. I have pursued Lord Jesus for 34 years and still I wonder if I even know how to lose my life for Christ’s sake. There is no doubt I know how to find my life for my sake. It comes natural.

The natural position of my mind when confronted with passages such as this is to compare down. To justify and debate with myself. To hold up my life to the happy pagan and emphasize the ‘godly, selfless’ differences. But really, after 34 years of seeking Christ Jesus, shouldn’t this be obvious? Am I so pitiful that I must compare myself with those who are products of our sensual, self-gratifying culture in order to feel better about my faith? Or with those nominal so-called Christians who know and want nothing more than to check a weekly block for church attendance? Really? In light of the knowledge of the love of God this is nothing short of evil. It is as if He is desperately trying to get me to see the short lived emptiness of this life and it’s so called pleasures in order to free me to the true pleasures and the real life found in His life and yet, I choose the lesser pleasures at the expense of the greater life. What a pig I am. Knowing this I can honestly say that I am either saved by grace or I am not saved at all.

Teach me Lord to lose my life. Apparently, I’m not a very good loser.

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