Acknowledging Jesus – John 7:13

Still, nobody was talking publicly about Him because they feared the Jews.

As I read this one simple verse, it hit me that we have a very similar dynamic happening in our business culture today. You can talk about God. You can discuss Allah. You can refer to religion in the workplace. These are all politically correct; however, don’t even think about mentioning the name of Jesus unless used as a form of profanity. The use of His Name is feared at many levels. Jesus Name is not politically correct and simply makes folks feel a little funny and uncomfortable. Jesus was right, the world hates Him because it does not know what to do with Him. He cannot be fooled. He knows what is in a person and will not entrust Himself to them. Jesus addresses our sin in a way that is personal, painful and loving. His Name evokes His essence and that freaks people out.

I’m afraid we as disciples are often affected by this correctness and the fear of those in business – both colleagues and managers. Yet, the command and promise of Holy Scripture is clear. ‘If you will acknowledge Me before men, I will acknowledge you before My Father in Heaven. If you won’t then neither will I.’ This truth is quite disconcerting (to say the least) but then Jesus loves us too much to be politically correct. He is Eternally Correct and operates accordingly.

Holy Spirit, give us the strength courage and resolve to confess Jesus Name wherever and whenever. Help us to be those who are boldly confessing Jesus with wisdom and discernment regardless of what anyone thinks. We long for your acknowledgment of us before Father God. We will acknowledge you before men. Have mercy on us. We are weak sinners.

Rpst, 3.25.2020

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