This is the Word of the Lord – Psalms 12:6

The words of the Lord are pure words,
like silver refined in an earthen furnace,
purified seven times.

Proverbs 30:5-6
Every word of God proves true;
he is a shield to those who take refuge in him.
Do not add to his words,
lest he rebuke you and you be found a liar.

‘This is the Word of the Lord. Thanks be to God.’

Hearing this phrase in a congregation for the first time piqued my interest. What a concept. We viewed Scripture with deep reverence in our fellowship but never openly participated in stating publicly that it was the Word of God for which we were eternally grateful. We still don’t to be honest. We are public about so many other lesser things. It was impressed upon me that we should be public about this massive thing. The Scripture IS the Word of the Lord and we ARE thankful. Like, thankful almost beyond words!

Just as children have a tendency to be skeptical of their parent’s words, I think we believers also have this same tendency with God’s written Revelation, the Holy Scriptures. It’s the ‘same ole, same ole’ and we’re just not sure about it any more. Plus, this skeptical view of God’s written Word is everywhere in our culture and in the church making it so easy to jump on the ‘lower view of Scripture’ bandwagon. I’ll resist wading through all of that here. This verse as well as many, many more reveal the essence of God’s Word. It is perfectly pure, like silver refined 7 times. It is perfection. As Father God speaks, truth is defined. ‘Every Word Of God proves true.’ Proverbs 30:5. Jesus, God Incarnate, regularly quoted the Holy Scriptures as the very words of God, His Father. The implications are clear.

I still laugh when I think of that old bumper sticker that read, ‘God said it. I believe it. That settles it!’ Such arrogance on our part. As if somehow by our believing it we added some sort of credence to God’s Word. Seriously? Just who do we really think we are? God’s editor? Please. God is His own Interpreter and Editor. His Word is Truth. The Holy Scriptures record this Word. He has provided this Written Revelation from the very beginning for the benefit of those who will listen. We are foolish to denigrate this Word. We are wise to listen, prize and protect it. God’s words are pure and have the power to purify even us. He will make it plain in His time for His purposes. Trust and obey.

This is the Word of the Lord. Thanks be to God!


Rpst, 04.15.2020

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