The King of Glory – Psalms 24

The earth and everything in it, the world and its inhabitants, belong to the Lord…

Every single thing on this earth belongs to Father God. He owns everything. All creation belongs to Him. He is the Owner from the beginning of time into eternity. His very nature and activity reflect His creative ownership. He spoke and it came to be. He is the Original Cause Who has eternally existed. He is the only Being in existence whose reason for existence lies within Himself. He is the Uncaused Cause. By virtue of Who He is and what He has done, all things belong to Him.

How do we approach such a One? Dare we even approach such a One? His essence is glorious. He has defined goodness and determines the ground rules for entering His presence. He knows what is required because He created all things. He is the Father of all life and, in this case, Father truly knows best. It is only the one with clean hands and a pure heart; one who turns his heart from deception and phoniness; one who does not lie, who can enter into His glorious presence. Father God is the essence of purity in motive and action. His mind can have no fellowship with anything untrue. When He speaks it defines truth. He is truly holy, sacredly set apart. Holiness is what He requires of those who would enter His presence.

Jesus Christ alone has accomplished this in both mind and action. He has truly fulfilled the requirements for ascending the holy hill of God. He came from and returned to the holy presence of Father God. By His obedient life and perfect sacrifice He has become the Righteousness of God. The blessing He received in ascending God’s holy hill, He continues to share with those who seek the face of the God of Jacob – those who will believe and trust the Son who has revealed the Father.

Lord Jesus has opened the way to the King of glory. Turn your eyes to this King, the One Who alone is powerful and kind. Open wide the door of your heart. Swing wide the gate of your life and let this King of glory come in! Submit your heart to His rule that you may know the One who owns all created things. Allow the Lord Jesus into your life and receive the blessing of entering into the overwhelming presence of the glorious Father.

There is no other Rock. I know not One. (Isaiah 44.8)

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