True Talk Walks – Titus 1:16

They profess to know God, but they deny Him by their works. They are detestable, disobedient, and disqualified for any good work.

Words matter. They are critical to our being. They are inextricably tied to our faith. They define us and we will be judged by every careless word we speak; however, it is our actions that complete our words. The truth of what we speak is only confirmed by how we act upon that speech. To say and not do is to speak unintelligible nothingness and nothing, as Aristotle said, is what rocks dream about. A thought is brought to life by a word. A word is brought to life by an action. What we do either confirms or denies the movement of our lips and the vibration of our chords. As a word brings sound and shape to a thought so our actions bring the same to our words.

May all we think, say and do be consistent with who we are in Christ Jesus our Lord for the glory of God the Father.

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