The Better Covenant – Hebrews 7:22

So Jesus has also become the guarantee of a better covenant.

Hebrews 8:9
I disregarded them, says the Lord,
because they did not continue in My covenant.

It is a ‘better covenant’ because Jesus Christ has perfectly fulfilled His/our end of it. He is a Priest forever. He is the Perfect Priest – never changing. We are saved by His faithfulness. In effect, God has made a covenant with Himself and vicariously included us, through our faith, by the obedience, sacrifice and faithfulness of Lord Jesus. In addition, He has granted us His Spirit to indwell us and lead us into obedient love. It was we who failed in the old covenant not God. It was we who ruined the first agreement for we were unable to live perfectly in accordance with the Law. Lord Jesus fulfilled it on our behalf and became our Guarantee.

Our Faithfulness.

Our Righteousness.

Our Sanctification.

Our Life.

Our Eternal High Priest Of God.

He is the Reason for the better covenant.

‘When Christ Who is our Life is revealed we also will be revealed with Him in His glory.’ Col. 3:3

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