Precise Prophecy – Isaiah 9:6

For a child will be born to us, a son will be given to us….

In this day when the Scriptures continue to be under attack both from without and within the church, I find myself more amazed than ever at the amazing specificity and insightfulness of the Written Revelation. Prophesying of the coming Lord Jesus, the Old Testament prophet even delineates between the child who was born and the Son who was given.

Jesus was fully Man and fully God. In order for this to be, the child had to be born. Jesus came into existence as a man through physical birth. He was born of a virgin. His humanity came to be through the Holy Spirit and His mother, Mary. Yet, Jesus, the Son, has always existed with God His Father and the Holy Spirit – three in Person, one in Essence. This classic doctrine of the Trinity is clearly displayed in Scripture in several different places and is consistent with its theme from beginning to end. The Son could not be born for He already existed. He was in existence from eternity. So, He was given not born. The child was born but the Son was given. This specificity cannot be accidental. As the Proverb writer says, ‘Every word of God proves true…’.

I cannot understand the mind and motive of many believers these days. Why must we spend so much time tearing apart the Scripture focusing on its so-called flaws? Why do we allow our culture to influence us so profoundly? Because we’re weak humans, I assume. The temptation stalks us all. Somehow, deep down inside, a person convinces himself that he is smarter and more honest than any of the other thousands and thousands of people who have examined Scripture. It is the age old enemy, pride.

My plea this day is that we spend less time dwelling on the few, so-called ‘inconsistencies’ of Scripture that may lead some to wonder about God and devote ourselves to the amazing number of consistencies and strengths of this great book that lead us to walk in the wonder of God. The Word of God is active and alive. It does not change. It cannot be manipulated without severe consequences. It can be trusted. The test of time has proven this.

Stand in awe of His living Word and His Written Word this day – for the glory of God the Father by the Power of His Spirit.

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