It Is Written – Matthew 4:10

Then Jesus said to him, “Be gone, Satan! For it is written,
“‘You shall worship the Lord your God
and him only shall you serve.’”

In the face of pure evil (satan himself), Jesus (God in the flesh), addresses every single temptation, each of which was designed to personally derail Jesus and His mission, with Scripture. If you have ever wondered about Jesus’ view of Holy Scripture, what we call the Bible, here it is. Christ Jesus, with all of the power of Father God at His command, face to face with the enemy of our souls tempting Him, quotes Scripture. He didn’t call down fire. He didn’t call on God to bind satan. He didn’t wrestle satan to death. He simply and directly, using the sharp edge of the sword of the Spirit, sliced His enemy’s temptations into oblivion. He knew where the formidable power of God lay – in His Word.

The clear implication for our lives follows. Nothing supersedes the effectiveness of facing every temptation in our lives with Holy Scripture. Jesus quotes it as ‘the very word of God’. What else do we need? Must it be interpreted by the clergy to avoid misinterpretation and improper application? Of course not. The written Word of God has been delivering every day men and women from the frontal attacks of the enemy since it came to be. God’s Spirit is the Interpreter and Applier. Don’t be confused, this is not Bible worship. The Power lies in its Author. We worship Him and hang on His every word. A humble, searching, discerning heart in those who read it brings the blessing and protection of God to their own life. It is for regular individuals such as you and me and many people throughout history have died to keep it available to folks like us. It is a weapon that defeats every attempt of our enemy to destroy us.

Being associated with a ministry that distributes the Bible throughout India and surrounding countries in the language of the every day person: i.e., 3rd – 4th grade reading level, has opened my eyes again to the amazing power of this book to change lives by the power of the Author. People beg for copies of it as they see the effect of its application in other’s lives. Often, it is the difference between ‘physical’ life and death for those who read it. Obviously, it is the difference between eternal life and death for all who accept its truth and the One who gave it.

Encounter this available, accessible Word of God regularly. Make it your primary source for life. Etch it into your mind so that the Holy Spirit Himself has quick access to it in you when temptation of any sort arises in your walk. The psalmist writes, ‘I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you. Psalm 119:11’. The psalmist knew the power of being familiar with Scripture. It was his delight. Make it yours. The One who spoke the written word into being can speak this desire into your heart. You only need ask.

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