Man of Sorrows – Matthew 14:13

Now when Jesus heard this, he withdrew from there in a boat to a desolate place by himself.

Our dear Lord Jesus was a man of many sorrows. He bore much emotional pain and suffered great loss. In His sufferings He learned what it meant to be obedient in the flesh (as a man) as the Hebrew writer says, “He learned obedience through suffering.” It makes my heart heavy to contemplate this loss of his dear cousin and partner in God’s work. Jesus gets a glimpse of the horror and the treatment that awaits Him and also loses one who was very dear. Our Lord was truly a Man of Sorrows. We read little about the mirth of Jesus (if any). We read of His sorrows and suffering often. I’m afraid there is a truth here that I am simply not mature enough to handle. In suffering we learn obedience. Through sorrow we grow. I can’t help but think that both of these highly avoided experiences bring growth that will prepare us and shape us for eternity. We don’t seek sorrow or suffering; yet, we often grow through such experiences. Not physical growth, spiritual growth. Growth that impacts who we are and what we deem important. Real, eternal growth.

He was the Man of Sorrows and look at the benefit He brought to all mankind as a result. The implications are profound. No, we don’t seek sorrow but we do seek the spiritual growth that comes only through such experiences. He makes all things work together for our good and for His glory.


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