Human Reasoning – Joshua 9:14

Then the men of Israel took some of their provisions, but did not seek the Lord’s counsel.

In this case, human reasoning was simply not enough. Frankly, it is rarely enough in situations such as this. Those who are submitting their life to the Will of God must always seek God’s direction as best as they can understand it. Even those who do not yet know Christ and are seeking understanding must at some point seek Him in prayer and trust Him in faith. There must be a reasoned search; however, His Holy Spirit must eventually touch the seeking heart. As Schaeffer said, “He is there. He is not silent.”

In Joshua’s day, God had been speaking directly to Joshua and definitely would have given input. In our day, when God’s audible voice seems to be heard less often, we must humbly ask, search His Holy Scripture for direction and, when possible, wait for His Word. If waiting is not possible then we must simply submit our requests to God and move forward cautiously watching closely for any sign that He might be either checking or blessing our decision. The discernment of the community of faith is also critical in this process.

Human reasoning is critical but it is simply not enough. We must listen for and be open to the counsel of Father God or bear the consequences of our own poor decisions. Speak Lord for your servant is listening.

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