Singing Praise – Psalms 147:1

How good it is to sing to our God,
for praise is pleasant and lovely.

Wow! The psalmist says so much in so few words. This is a truth that is difficult to even articulate. Few things bring such pleasing loveliness to a child of God as singing His praise. The power of music is deeply mysterious and in that way speaks of the majestic, other-worldly nature of the Sovereign God. He planted the joy of music deep within all of us and then brings about great pleasure whenever we express it. The love of music and singing is universal.

He built us as creatures who love to praise. We love to speak highly of the things that touch us deeply and bring pleasure. Singing praise only seems to magnify the pleasure! Every human has this joy deep within them; however, it is safe to say that not all have realized that it is a longing from God that is most fully ‘enjoyed’ when applied to Him. He created us to desire and be fulfilled by music and praise because ultimately it connects us with His life within us where true eternal pleasure is found. Many pleasures are temporary. The lovely pleasures of music and praise are eternal. We will praise Father God forever. We will enjoy the pleasure of music forever. The fulfillment God brings through His truth is unmatched for it transcends time and speaks of eternity. Thanks be to God for singing and praise! Thanks be to God for musical praise that magnifies the joy in our hearts and brings pleasure to our souls.

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