Self-Reliant Idolatry- Habakkuk 1:7

“They are dreaded and feared;
Their justice and authority originate with themselves.”

Because they are people who have rejected God, the only authority they have and the only authority they will respect is their own. Without a Sovereign Creator and Judge, we are left with only ourselves and the consequences of such rule are always disastrous. Just take a look at history. It is replete with examples of this evil. When man exalts himself as the standard and rule, all standards and rules fail. Justice and authority cannot originate from people who are inherently unjust.

Habakkuk 1:16
Therefore they offer a sacrifice to their net
And burn incense to their fishing net;
Because through these things their catch is large,
And their food is plentiful.

Success is the god of such a people. They worship their own ability and the things they have made because it is all they have. They are deceived by their successes even those successes that are inherently evil and oppressive. It is the worship of man’s abilities and accomplishments. It is idolatry in the worst degree.

Habakkuk 1:11
“Then they will sweep through like the wind and pass on.
But they will be held guilty,
They whose strength is their god.”

Justice will be served for true justice originates in the eternal goodness of God. He will make all things right. Because God does exist and holds all people accountable, there will be an accounting. Justice will be perfectly served by the Perfect One. It is what we should expect. It is truly what we desire; yet, typically we desire it to be served on others who have wronged us and not necessarily on us when we have wronged others. The day of judgement will come. Stand in fear.

Thanks be to God that our Judge has become our Savior.

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