Flimsy Friendships – Luke 23:11-12

Then Herod, with his soldiers, treated him with contempt, mocked him, dressed him in bright clothing, and sent him back to Pilate. That very day Herod and Pilate became friends. Previously, they had been enemies.

These two historically evil leaders formed a ‘friendship’ at Jesus expense. They developed a camaraderie through sharing in the humiliation of the Son of God. It’s sick and sad and indicative of an evil alliance.

Surely we never do this, right? We would never find a connection with another person by mutually mocking or criticizing a third party, someone who is despised by both, right? I mean, that would make us more like Pilate and Herod than like Lord Jesus. Anyway, how deep of a friendship could this leadership alliance have been or any friendship formed in such a fashion for that matter? Probably about as deep as a shallow grave. Probably about as lasting as a person’s mood. People can be so cruel – other people, of course.

Those who follow Christ don’t form friendships or make alliances at the expense of a third party through mutual mocking. We certainly don’t form relationships in the fashion of Pilate, Herod or any other ungodly, worldly leader. Our friendships are founded on faith, integrity, commitment and mutual respect. We develop friendships the way Christ did – through service and sacrifice. As we follow Him, we must be keenly aware of the wake we are leaving behind us.

Remember this the next time you are finding satisfaction and relational connection at the expense of another. Those juicy morsels we share about the ‘freak’ we both hate are the main course of an evil meal. This is what two of the most notorious leaders in all of history did in relation to our Lord. May we be delivered from this evil motivation that lurks deep in our deceptive hearts. Have mercy on us Lord Jesus.

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