Email From a Friend

My dear friend Ken sent me this piece in an email message and gave me permission to post it. It is so insightful and encouraging I had to share it. The Kingdom of God is advancing and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it. -Wendell

I don’t usually write beyond my weekly sermon. But this morning’s experience had to be put down on the page.

I was sitting on the porch this morning enjoying the still and quiet of the new day. There was no wind.  The dogs were quiet. The birds hadn’t yet started their song.  All was peace.

The sun was just beginning to show it’s first presence in the East.  I like this moment of the day.  I like to watch the sun rise and imagine in expectation that it is Jesus rising in the East coming back just as he promised.

I was lost in thought and imagining when sound suddenly broke the silence.  A lone howl began in the distance.  Followed by an another and another and another.  Until there was a cacophony of noise rising from the surrounding prairie. 

My attention was immediately diverted from the rising sun.  I was in the middle of nature’s surround sound.  Yowls and yips seemed to come from every direction. I was caught up in the sound as my head turned in one direction, then another, picking up individual voices in the midst of the chorus.

After a few minutes the wailing began to subside.  One or two finished their song. Then all was quiet.  And I looked back at the sun, now above the horizon and in full view. 

Immediately God gave me this thought:

The demons of hell can howl and wail

Our God is still rising

The noise of the enemy is an illusion.  He sounds stronger than he is.  Two or three coyotes can easily sound like seven or eight. 

The undulation of their call is mesmerizing. And instantly, we are distracted.  Our eyes are lured away from the rising Son.

Yet all the while, our God is still rising. 

He will do what he will do.  He will go where he will go.  He will accomplish what he will accomplish.  He will save what he will save. He will heal what he will heal.

The demons of hell can howl and wail

Our God is still rising!

Ken Holsberry, 10.01.2022

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