Future Posts – A Note from Wendell

First, thank you for being among a handful of people who are willing to subscribe to and read my articles on a regular basis. I started this blog as a way to preserve the notes in my paper Bibles for my children and future Burnam generations. I’m thankful that several of you have found value in these articles and have even helped me to improve them.

In the past, I’ve tried to repost these blogs in such a fashion so that the same article didn’t appear more than once every couple of years. This has proven to be a bit more difficult than I had imagined primarily because I don’t really know the nuances of the blogging software I use and haven’t made the time to dig in and learn it better. I’ve asked the software company about posting options and they offered no good alternatives for reposting articles. With that said, beginning today and through December of this year, I am going to repost articles focused on Jesus, so you may see repeats more often. It seems appropriate since this is the time of year we dwell on His advent. Hopefully, the repetition will be helpful. I do also intend to continue to write new articles as inspiration comes. It does seem to come more rarely as I have ‘matured’.

May God bless you and use these articles to shape you more into the image of Lord Jesus and to help free the mind of Christ you’ve been given to work more effectively within and through you. Primarily, however, may the God of the universe be glorified in every word.

The grace, peace and strength of Christ to you!

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