All in the Family – Mark 3:35

For whoever does the will of God, this is My brother, and sister, and mother.”

There is a universal family to which all who are submitting their lives to the Father belong. It is a family spread throughout the world, even throughout time. A family of brothers and mothers and sisters. A family formed by the grace of God and delineated by the blood of Jesus. This supernatural family binds people of all races, all nationalities, all languages, all geographies and all socioeconomic strata by the invisible power of the Holy Spirit into a tight-nit group standing together throughout the ages of time and across all earthly differences and definitions. This is true diversity as defined by God. Unity in diversity by the power of God and the sacrifice of Christ.

This spiritual family’s ties supersede even the blood lines that bind our nuclear families and we should not be surprised that just as the nuclear family has been under insidious and open attack by our enemy the Liar, this spiritual family, formed by God Himself, is also under fierce attack. All over our world members of this family suffer as a result of their membership. Yet, this suffering is not without purpose. Jesus promises more blessing than these suffering brothers, sisters and mothers can imagine in His advancing kingdom.

It is really kind of sad that we no longer refer to each other as Brother Smith or Sister Jones (insert your own names) when we assemble. There was a day when we did. At least in this small way we consistently recognized the overarching, supernatural relationships within the church universal. We consistently, even if mindlessly, confessed this truth. It is no insignificant truth. It is a truth that transcends time, space and any physical limitation or hindrance. It is a display of the glory of God in His people. Truly, it is glorious to be accepted into a fellowship not by our abilities, physical characteristics or genetics but rather by simply submitting our lives to the will of God based on this fiat of Jesus and the blood that He shed.

He is able. We are accepted. Praise the name of Jesus.

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