The Purposes of God – Job 9.17

Reading this article now several years after writing it, I wonder how I thought I could speak so confidently of God’s clear purpose in suffering. The favor and mercy of Father God is more tangible and clear than ever to me, His specific will; however, not so much. His perspective comes from a vantage point with which I simply cannot relate nor can I fathom such a view of our existence. I am easily blinded by the worries, cares and ‘sufferings’ of this life and often lose sight of His way and purpose. I truly relate more with Job’s conundrum than with God’s purpose and I say that as humbly as I know how. It is not an indictment of God, no way. It is a commentary on my frailness and shortsightedness even after 59 years on this planet. My only saving hope is the purpose of God made manifest in His mercy and grace.

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