Hold Onto Hope – Job 13:15-16

Though he slay me, I will hope in him;
yet I will argue my ways to his face.
This will be my salvation,
that the godless shall not come before him.

Let’s face it, there are simply a lot of happenings in the course of this life that even believers simply do not and cannot understand. They seem to defy explanation and leave us numb and injured. Yet, outside of God even the idea of understanding doesn’t even make sense. It’s not that we can’t understand anything outside of God, it is that understanding can’t even exist outside of God. He is the Source of all meaning and without Him there is no meaning upon which understanding is based. The question of ‘Why?’ simply disintegrates outside of a Theistic framework. If we are just energized chemicals then what is the basis for asking ‘Why?’ – the question where all understanding begins? If we are simply ‘dancing to our DNA’ then truly ‘why ask why’? And even if one of the DNA dancers did ask why, what would they hope to discover that could bring any sort of real understanding? I mean, maybe our DNA dance is the Macarena and yours is The Twist so how do we know which to trust if either? Plus, how do we know that any dance is worth dancing and thus if anything is worth knowing? It is the end of understanding as regular people understand it.

Job’s resolve speaks a word about enduring truth. It is the truth of Who God is that motivates Job’s trust in the One who put him here. Truth undergirds all of his understanding and gives him the resolve to continue even when every single thing he is experiencing appears from his perspective to be unfair and unkind. Truth based on the solidness of God brings stability to our lives and undergirds all lasting understanding. Even the simple understanding of the truth that God sees from an entirely different perspective gives us perspective during difficult times. He knows all aspects of what we are enduring and why. Since we know that His motives are pure and that He always seeks our best interest, we can trust Him and at least have the peace that comes through knowing this about His nature when it seems everything else we know to be true is failing. God’s faithfulness ushers in Job’s resolve to endure. Even if Father God would kill him or simply allow him to die, Job will not give up his hope.

Grant us such godly resolve Lord Jesus. The type you exhibited on the cross. The resolve based on truth that ushers in eternal hope in the One Who is able to keep that which we’ve committed unto Him against that day. He is able!

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