Momma’s Advice – John 2.5

His mother said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.”

My mother always offered sound guidance to me when I was a young boy.

Regarding peer pressure:
‘If everyone else jumped off a cliff would you jump off too?’

Regarding selfish notoriety:
‘Fools names like fools faces always seen in public places.’

Regarding safety:
‘Look both ways!’

Regarding criticism and bullying:
‘Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.’ (She got most of them right anyway.)

Most everyone understands implicitly that ‘Momma knows best”. Mothers just typically know what is best for their children and, at least most of the time, they are right. A mom can send a one liner that will change a young life. Mary, Jesus’ mother, was no exception. She may not have fully understood Jesus’ mission at this point, but one thing she did know, He worked wonders when obeyed. This one liner from Mary should be written into all of our lives. ‘Whatever He tells you, do it.’

Our lives would be so much better if only we could incorporate this one simple rule into our daily walk. If Jesus tells you to do it, do it. Nike has absolutely nothing on Mary. She was the original ‘Just do it.’ Obedience to Jesus will usher miracles into your life, none of which are more amazing than the miracle of eternal life through the forgiveness of sins He alone offers. Notice also that Jesus has told them nothing to this point in the wedding feast. He is simply there enjoying the company. Yet, even before He speaks, Momma Mary prepares her servants for His work. She enjoins them to do whatever He says because she knows Him. She knows He solves problems and brings miracles like no one else. She prepares them in advance to obey with her guidance.

We would be so very wise to obey this command of Jesus’ mother. If Jesus commands it, do it. When you know He has spoken, obey. I find no biblical precedent for Him forcing us to obey. He always allows an individual the self-dignity of choosing to obey. You see, whereas most of our mother’s advice was good and we were wise to obey, doing what He says is always the right decision and the best thing for us. He is Truth and Truth must be sought and obeyed when it is realized.

Thank God that He has placed within the heart of the submitting believer His Holy Spirit who helps us to discern Jesus’ voice and obey His command. We are walking with Him and in Him and the consequences of such obedience are all good. Thank God for moms who point us to Jesus.

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