Full Speed Ahead – Proverbs 19.2

Even zeal is not good without knowledge,
and the one who acts hastily sins.

Some live their lives passionately at full speed measuring success by how rapidly and enthusiastically they complete projects or reach destinations. I fit into that category. My family can tell you that success is measured in terms of time and accuracy. Faster is better. Enthusiasm is valued. Often, the result suffered from my fatherly, misguided principles.

The proverb writer is clear and I have learned through experience that simply to do things more quickly with enthusiasm does not necessarily guarantee a positive end result. This combo actually lends itself to trouble if the one who is acting does not have knowledge. All godly activity is based in knowledge and forethought. Understanding must be the foundation for every decision and action and knowledge must undergird passion. Ignorant passion is worse than useless, especially when speedily dispensed.

We must be willing servants who understand God’s will and passionately decide and act using His knowledge while leaning on His understanding. There is more here than meets the eye. I pray that we are able to internalize these truths and find ourselves walking in them. He promises to walk with us and this is the guarantee of our success.

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