Maybe It’s Enough

2 Chronicles 29:2, “And he did what was right in the eyes of the Lord…”

Maybe, in a time when achievement rules the day, this simple statement will be enough.

Maybe, in a land where words are devalued, this sentence will retain it’s worth.

Maybe, in a culture where the biggest, baddest and most beautiful are adored, these simple words will inform.

Maybe, for those who feel they have fallen so short of so many expectations, these words will satisfy.

Maybe, for those who work so hard to be so recognized, this little snippet will suffice.

Maybe, for those who have seen the collapse of so many sure things, this thought expressed will rebuild.

Maybe, for those who have set their focus on good and opened their minds to God, this little idiom will confirm.

Maybe, just maybe, when all is done and words are spoken, this locution will rise and usher in the Truth that nothing else truly mattered.

Maybe, by the grace of God, we can walk in the knowledge of this truth now.

In Him there is no maybe.

It is enough.

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