Some words just sound like themselves.  Abhorrent.  It has the sound of a strong thought.  It speaks of repugnant things. Detestable and loathsome actions. It accurately describes an abomination.  It’s simply abhorrent.  Abominable.

Here’s the shocking thought:  God actually calls us to this place.  He calls us to abhor, even though that may not sound very Bible-like.  He encourages us to feel abhorrent, disgusted.  His direction for us is toward a detestable, loathsome attitude.  Abhor!  I don’t even like the taste the word leaves in my mouth.  It almost sounds nasty.  It leaves a slimy film on my lips.  Yet, He commands it.

Abhor evil.  Two simple words of the same vein.  Two simple thoughts that go well together until pitted against each other.  Evil must be abhorred.  Don’t pick at evil.  Don’t trifle with it.  Don’t pussyfoot around darkness.  Don’t toy with trash.  Don’t even dip your toes in the stuff.  That’s sort of like tinkling your toes in the surf of the Urine Ocean.  I know that’s strong and nasty and disgusting but it illustrates my point.  Evil is abhorrent and thus must be abhorred!

I’m afraid we are losing our outrage.  Gradually being desensitized like the frog in the soup.  Toying and toying.  Rationalizing and making excuses.  Explaining away.  Poo-pooing.

“Don’t be a prude.  It’s not that big of a deal.”

God thinks it is.

Abhor what is evil.  Hold fast to what is good. Romans 12:9

In this sea of evil, my arms are around the One who has overcome it.  Holding fast.


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