Words – Hosea 14:1-2

Israel, return to Yahweh your God,
for you have stumbled in your sin.
Take words of repentance with you
and return to the Lord.
Say to Him: “Forgive all our sin
and accept what is good,
so that we may repay You
with praise from our lips.

Here we see the power of our words yet again. They are necessary for repentance. They are required as an offering to God for the evil in our lives. We are called to take our words and offer them to Father God as we return to Him. Words matter. To denigrate the necessity and power of words is to denigrate repentance and forgiveness. To say that words are simply meaningless constructs of our culture is to imply that repentance and forgiveness are truly not possible. God requires words – at the very least – for our repentance and forgiveness. Words. And how exactly does one defend the meaninglessness and uselessness of words without actually using that which he or she is demeaning? How does one express that ‘language doesn’t matter’ without using the very language ‘that doesn’t matter’? It is self defeating at its very core.

Words matter. They accompany our repentance and usher in the amazing goodness of Father God’s forgiveness. Thank you Father God for words especially those that you have provided through Scripture. Your Word is Life. ‘Open my eyes that I️ May behold wondrous things from your Law.’ Psalm 119:18

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